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Snatched in GullybrookUntitled 3

Three of Gullybrook’s own are targeted by a group of men and women who know exactly how to get what they want. What they want are teenage girls. Where they find them is the local mall.

Told through interconnecting viewpoints, Snatched in Gullybrook follows these girls as they are kidnapped, assigned new identities, and navigate the brutal world of sex trafficking. Despite the horrors of what they see and endure, they form a bond with one another. A bond that gives them strength to persevere, even when all looks lost.

Untitled 3Megan’s been taking care of herself since her parents split. She feels abandoned and confused, especially at the crush she’s developed on one of her new girlfriends. Normally, Megan steers clear of the mall, but her girlfriend has been eyeing a particular piece of jewelry, and it is her birthday. When Megan’s plan to steal the present backfires, she’s escorted by bogus mall security to a van that transports her to a new life.Untitled 3

Candace knows nothing will ever come of the crush she has on her older first cousin. But it’s looking distinctly possible that he could become her stepbrother at the rate things are going between her daddy and her aunt. When she’s approached for a job at the mall, she’s thrilled at the attention, and the chance to show everyone she’s growing up. But her secret interview turns into her abduction.

Untitled 3Sissy is Daddy’s little princess, a romantic who’s saving herself for marriage. Shopping is her safe place, especially when Mom and Daddy are fighting. Until the day a solicitous female shopper befriends her and turns her refuge into her downfall.

10% of the profits made on Snatched in Gullybrook will go toward human trafficking public awareness, and rehabilitation organizations for trafficking victims.



Facts you should know about sex trafficking

According to: Polaris Project, U.S. Department of Justice, United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime

Sex trafficking involves enticing a victim to engage in sex for money using force, deceit, or manipulation, OR recruiting someone younger than 18 years of age into providing sex for money.

The average age for an American child to be manipulated into sex trafficking is between 14-15 years old. Dr. Celia Williamson, University of Toledo

Men are the predominant purchasers of trafficked sex, but they come from all backgrounds and socioeconomic classes. Most purchasers of underage sex or “johns” keep this part of their life secret. For good reason. Sex with a minor is child molestation. Some of these “johns” are even respected members of their communities.

A common technique to recruit trafficking victims is deceit. Men will instigate a relationship with their victim, such as pretending to be a boyfriend. Once they get their victim to trust them, they pounce. Women are commonly involved in the deceit as well. They befriend the victim and lure her into an unsafe situation. Another tactic is to use boys and girls the same age as the victim.

More people are enslaved today in human trafficking situations, including sex trafficking and labor trafficking, then at any other time in human history. Nearly 30 million people are enslaved across the world today (Global Slavery Index), generating more than 32 billion dollars. Approximately half of them are children. In the U.S., 300,000 children are estimated to be victims of sex trafficking, a conservative and probably outdated estimate.

A pimp in the U.S. can make $150,000 – $200,000 per child, and the average pimp “owns” 4-6 girls.

A trafficking victim in the U.S. has sex with an average of 715 men per day.

Sex trafficking is overtaking drug trafficking in volume and profits. An ounce of cocaine, wholesale: $1,200, but you can only sell it once. A woman or a child, $50 to $1,000, but you can sell them each day, every day, over and over and over again. The markup is immeasurable. “Selling Sex, that Renewable Resource.” New York Times. 24 October, 2005: Television.

*Cover Art by Michael Di Gesu