Kim Van Sickler is a former prosecutor. Although she wearied of the courtroom antics, the job did teach her to appreciate the importance of research.

And then there was the writing. Legal, corporate, PR, marketing, proposal, grant, copy…writing was the best part of each job. Keeping journals of her children’s activities became a way to continue writing outside of work.

Until the day she started indulging her increasingly vocal Muse, who decided it was time for Kim to create her own stories: fiction and memoir. Middle grade, young adult, and adult.

Stories that infuse background research with storytelling, and fall on the darker side of the spectrum, are her favorites. Dark tales, but hopeful ones. Because even in the midst of heartache and despair, there is hope. As long as we believe our lives can improve, and do something about it, they can. They may not improve the way we envision, but that’s the fun and agony of living … and writing.

Kim lives in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, with her rescue dog and youngest daughter. Another biological child and three stepchildren round out her family. She functions best with an hour of hard physical activity every day, Girl Scout activities on her agenda, home cooking involving lots of freshly chopped ingredients, dark chocolate, and anything related to the ice cream family.

She is available to write for hire and for author visits. Contact her at kimvansickler (at) gmail (dot) com or fill out the form below.

The mind is embedded in human nature, and very often thinking well means pushing against the grain of our nature—against vanity, against laziness, against the desire for certainty, against the desire to avoid painful truths. Good thinking isn’t just adopting the right technique. It’s a moral enterprise and requires good character, the ability to go against our lesser impulses for the sake of our higher ones.

 David Brooks, New York Times columnist.